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Mental health

We all experience mental health. Like our physical health it changes constantly and is affected by what is happening around us. There are care and support services available to help you.

Quote / Testimonial:

We know it can sometimes be embarrassing to talk about mental health.

So if you call us and tell us ‘it’s time to talk’, we’ll know that you need help. 

Our reception team, nurses and GPs will know this means you need support. This is part of a national campaign to raise awareness, and support mental health awareness.

Urgent help

Tees, Esk and Wear Valley (TEWV) crisis line is a 24/7 service for adults and children experiencing a mental health crisis. Further information is on the TEWV Information about crisis services webpage. If you are worried about someone in immediate danger please call 999.


We have created a list of useful resources that we have found are helpful for our patients to help improve or maintain good mental health.

Routine help

If you have do not need urgent help you can self-refer for talking therapy with Talking Changes.

Talking Changes provide self-help and talking therapies services designed to help anyone living in the County Durham and Darlington area to deal with common mental health problems such as stress, anxiety or depression, as well as panic, phobias, anger management, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Mental health requiring medication or medical advice

Some people may need medication to help to improve and stabilise their mental health. If you are very anxious or depressed, are having delusional or paranoid thoughts, or have complex mental health needs then it would be best to speak to a GP to see how we can help.

Mental health reviews

If you are already getting support from one of our GPs and you’d like to update us on how you are doing then you can do this quickly by completing an eConsult. It asks lots of detailed questions but these are very helpful for the clinician to assess how you are and compare this to how you have been previously.

Page last reviewed: 2 August 2022