July heatwave

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Drink fluids, use sunscreen SPF 15+, rest more, and stay in the shade

We’re expecting more warm weather and the UK Government has issued a Heat Emergency with Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July forecast to have temperatures in Consett above 30 degrees Celsius.

Heat can make us all uncomfortable but very warm weather can cause a risk to health to those who are vulnerable such as infants, elderly, and those with lung and heart problems.

There are some simple things you can do to stay well:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fuids
  • Stay in the shade, wear a hat if out in the sun, and use suncream with at least UVB SPF 15+ and ideally 5 stars UBA rating
  • Take things slow and have plenty of rest
  • Check yp on those that are vulnerable such as family or neighbours
  • Keep your curtains closed to keep the sun out, and open your windows when the sun sets to help cool your home

The NHS has much more advice on how to stay cool and safe.

Advice on staying well in the heat including looking after others, drinking fluids, resting, keep your home and car cool, and watch for heat related illnesses