About us

We provide comprehensive NHS primary care services to help you manage your health and well-being.

We are a large, friendly general practice. We aim to provide a caring and efficient service. We are also committed to preventative medicine in partnership with you.

Our aim is to provide a high quality, caring and personal health care service to our whole patient population by:

  • Putting our patients at the centre of what we do
  • Having a highly qualified and trained multi-professional integrated primary healthcare team
  • Offering our services in a safe, supportive and suitably equipped environment, using technological advances in healthcare systems for our patient’s benefit

We work very closely with our allied Community Nursing, Health Visiting and Specialist Teams to ensure your care is co-ordinated to the highest of standards. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

We offer several ways to contact us including online (eConsult), by phone, and in person. We may also contact you by SMS.

Non-urgent advice: Changes due to Covid 19 pandemic

Being a medical centre we care for patients with Covid 19 and also vulnerable patients who remain at higher risk from infection. To reduce the risk of spread to yourself, other patients, and our staff, the NHS has issued guidance to all GP practices to introduce a system of ‘triage’. This means face to face appointments are available still, but a clinician will assess your issue first to determine how best this might be dealt with. We will deal with your issue either online or by phone if we can do so. Many of our patients have fedback that they prefer the flexibility this allows and reduces the need to always travel to the surgery.

About our appointment system

We offer online (eConsult, SMS, and video), telephone, and face to face appointments, with same day and pre-bookable advance appointments available for GPs and nurses. 

For all appointments once we receive your request our team will review your query and arrange the most appropriate type of appointment to ensure you get the right care with the right person in the right timeframe. This may mean you are booked a telephone call, directly into a face to face appointment, or asked to provide some further information to assist us eg to sent us a photograph.

Online first

We ask you to contact us online if you have internet access as this leaves the phone lines free. Our online service is called eConsult and we will contact you by 6pm the next working day (though often the same day) with a response. You might be asked to come in for a face to face appointment, to have an urgent call within the next week, or for a routine call within the next few weeks. Many queries can be dealt with entirely online which many patients find very helpful.

Prebookable appointments

We have a proportion of routine GP telephone appointments available for patients to book into, these are released each morning for a few weeks in advance. In addition appointments with our nurses and health care assistants are all available to book in advance.

Urgent problems

We have a number of telephone appointments that are released at 8.30am each day with GPs and our nurses.

Once all prebookable and on the day appointments are full we have a ’duty doctor’ system for any issues you feel that are urgent and unable to wait. A GP will review the details you give our reception team and help you get the care you need.

How to book appointments

Appointments may be made online, by telephone or in person. Please make one appointment for each member of the family who needs to be seen. We try to keep to time but please be patient if someone before you takes longer than planned. Appointments are normally ten minute slots and so if you have a complicated problem, or more than one problem, please ask for a longer appointment.

Continuity with your clinician

We encourage you to book appointments with the same clinician you have seen before. This means the clinician will have a better understanding of the issues you have had previously and recently. We realise that there can be a wait to see your usual clinician, so please mention if you would prefer to see any clinician who may be available sooner when booking your appointment.