Administrative help

Non-urgent advice: Fit (sick) notes

First 7 days

If you are unable to work you are able to self-certify for the first 7 days. Your employer should not ask for medical evidence of your illness but may ask you to complete a form, this is called self-certification.

If you have received hospital treatment or are under a specialist

If you are off work due to a hospital admission or on the advice of a specialist then a fit note can be issued by the hospital to cover the period of time required until you are expected to recover. If you remain under the care of a specialist and require an extension then please contact your specialist to arrange this.

After 7 days if you are not receiving follow-up from a specialist

We are able to provide a ‘fit note’ (previously called sick notes) if you are unable to do any work and ‘may be fit for work’ note if you could still do some work but with altered hours or duties (and this may sometimes mean you are unable to do your current job role).

Fit notes can be backdated (to start from an earlier date) but cannot be forward dated.

All requests for fit notes should be made online via an eConsult. We need to know:

– the reason you require the note

– if you are unable to do any work at all, or may be able to work but with some adaptations

– what dates you require the note for

Once we have this information a GP will review your request and can usually issue a note within 48 hours. If this is your first request for a fit note, or you have not received a review recently we may request you make a GP appointment so we can gather more information before we can issue the note.

Returning to work

It is no longer a requirement to be signed ’fit for work’. You can return to work when you feel well enough (or have been advised that you can), and do not usually need to wait until the end date on a fit note.

Further information on fit notes is available on the NHS website.