Our team

Consett Medical Centre prides itself on our team work.


Dr J Elliott – male (partner)

Dr L Plunkett – male (partner)

Dr D Bronsgeest – male (partner)

Dr U Narayanan – female (partner)

Dr B Ho – male (partner)

Dr C Dostal – female (partner)

Dr A Phyo – female (partner)

Dr L Brain – female (partner)

Dr A Koerner – female

Dr F Liggins- male

Dr A Saber- male

Dr A Falusi- female

Dr S McDevitte- female

GP trainees

We are a training practice which means we have expert GPs who supervise and support doctors training to become GPs. Our GP trainees are experienced doctors (typically with more than 2 years of experience as a doctor) who are undertaking a 3+ year training scheme to become a GP. The trainees join us for a minimum of 6 months at a time.

  • Dr Nkechinyere Eze – female
  • Dr F Eshemokhai- male

Nurse practitioners

Our nurse practitioners are all very experienced clinicians who have undertaken additional training. They are able to see and treat a wide range of conditions and can prescribe just like a GP.

  • Ms Julie Walker – female (Nurse Manager)
  • Mrs Deborah Donnelly – female
  • Mrs Hazel Watson – female
  • Mrs Julie Swift – female

Advanced Paramedic Prescriber

  • Rebecca Davison-Shaw- female

Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Debbie Calland – female

Helen Samson- female

Practice Pharmacists

  • Stephen Wilson – male
  • Brandon Robson- male
  • Jordan Williamson- male

Practice Nurses

  • Deborah Ronsdale- female
  • Claire Walker- female
  • Carole Cameron- female
  • Judith Lidster- female
  • Marcia Bell- female
  • Julie Burnett- female
  • Jennifer Hay- female

Trainee Nursing Associate

  • Kathleen Pharoah- female

Healthcare Assistant

  • Jacqueline Patterson- female


  • Kim Goldsborough – female
  • Jo Burns – female

Practice management

  • Practice Business Manager – Laura Reid
  • Practice Performance Manager – Jill Emmerson-Bell
  • Practice Operations Manager – Steffi O’Malley
  • Nurse Manager- Julie Walker
  • Senior Receptionist- Susan Simm