Hay fever and eczema

  • Hay fever and eczema

Hay fever and eczema

Non-urgent advice: Over the counter medications

The NHS has asked GPs not to prescribe medications which are available to purchase from supermarkets and pharmacies. This include hay fever medicines, dry skin creams, and dry eye drops. Some patients will still need prescriptions due to the dose or amount of medication needed as described in this guide.


Hay fever and eczema are common conditions that affect all ages, but for most people are mild and can be easily controlled with simple medication such as moisturisers or antihistamines.

Pharmacist advice

Your local pharmacist can also provide help for medications to help, can answer questions about minor illnesses, and help you decide if you may need to see a GP. For example if you are worried eczema might be infected or if your hay fever symptoms don’t settle with self-care.

Severe symptoms

If are worried you might have a severe infection for example skin becoming swollen and sore or have spreading redness, or if your pharmacist advises you should speak to a GP please arrange an appointment.